No Gym? No Problem!

A good workout doesn’t require an expensive gym membership, a lot of equipment, or a personal trainer. All you need is 12 minutes and about three square feet of space.

Two of the greatest excuses for lack of exercise are the lack of a gym and the lack of time. Cost can have a huge impact on a person’s health, even when low cost or free options are available. Many people have a hard time finding the motivation to exercise when they are not in a special location specifically designed for exercise. One alternative is to invest in equipment that can cost hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. While your wallet is the only limit with this option, space can be a huge limiting factor. The other option is to use a weight set that is always with you — your body. Body weight exercise and calisthenics are quickly becoming the fastest exercise trends in the country because these types of workouts are fast, require little or no equipment, and are generally free. Calisthenics dates back to the Ancient Greece and the first Olympic athletes. Many high level athletes, as well as the United States military, use calisthenics during physical training programs.

Performing the following exercises in a MaxT3 format will easily kick start your metabolism and help you burn fat during a time of year when most people are adding to their figure!

Squat: One of the most functional exercises is the squat. This exercise is excellent for targeting all of the muscles in your lower body. The movement is extremely important for increasing leg strength and stamina, as well as core stabilization.

Push Ups: One of the most complete upper body exercises you could do is the push up. Push ups focus on the muscles in your chest, arms, back, shoulders, and core, and can be modified to target certain areas specifically.

Bridge: When you think of core exercises, the bridge probably doesn’t come to mind. Most people think of their core as their abdominal muscles, but they forget about the muscles in their back. Your core is actually made up of the muscles that wrap completely around your body, just below your chest and above your hips. The bridge focuses on the muscles in your lower back, as well as your gluteus, hip flexors, and hamstrings.

Plank: When people think about building a great six-pack, they often think about how many crunches it would require, but one of the greatest core exercises you could do for a more defined midsection doesn’t require any crunches at all! The plank might look simple, but staying in the proper position requires abdominal strength and stamina.

Lunges: Most people are familiar with lunges, but few understand the impact they can have on your leg muscles and core. Lunges are an extremely versatile exercise that can be modified to target specific areas of your legs while also increasing balance and core stabilization!

Burpees: This exercise does not have many friends! If you have never heard of burpees, you are in for a treat. Burpees are a complex total body movement that works the upper and lower body while focusing on core stabilization. However, the burpee can be modified and scaled to almost any ability level.

Mountain Climbers: This exercise combines the core stabilization of a plank with the cardio of a sprint. Mountain climbers will help create a burn in the legs, arms and shoulders, as well as the core. The most important thing to remember with mountain climbers is to keep your body weight centered above your shoulders and wrists.

Tuck Jumps: Possibly the most fun (and deceptively challenging) exercises on the list. Tuck jumps are simple in that you only have to jump as high as possible and pull your knees up towards your chest, like you’re tucking into a ball. They have a huge cardio impact and will help to define the muscles in your lower and upper legs, as well as your core.

Pull Ups: This exercise is the only one that requires equipment. However, it is on the list because it is so effective. It might also be the most difficult! Pull ups work the muscles in your back, chest, shoulders, and arms better than any single exercise you could do. While there is a minor financial investment for equipment, the payoff will be huge!

Zachary Zovath